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Powerscreen® Pulse™ Telematics

Powerscreen Pulse remote fleet monitoring.
Powerscreen machine connected to Pulse telematics remote fleet monitoring.

More than just a machine!

Technology is driving improvements in all aspects of our lives. With Powerscreen® Pulse™, we’re continuing this revolution by bringing you new digital tools to help improve your crushing and screening operation. Powerscreen Pulse Intelligence will transform the way you work with your Powerscreen machines.

The system is capable of providing comprehensive information on the GPS location, start and stop times, fuel consumption, tonnages, cone settings, wear ratings, operating hours, maintenance status, and much more.

Pulse benefits


Available anywhere at anytime


Weekly reports emailed


Dashboard display


GPS machine tracking


Fleet overview


Comprehensive reporting

Weekly reports direct to your inbox

Our NEW Weekly Digest report provides information on the health and productivity of your equipment. Delivered weekly from the Powerscreen Pulse system right to your inbox, the graphical report delivers simple productivity metrics that help you understand your operation and maximize the potential of your machinery.

Powerscreen Pulse Sample Report

Powerscreen Pulse user friendly interface for machine monitoring

User-friendly interface

Displays information clearly for at a glance metrics and diagnostics. Take action before damage occurs: predetermined maintenance intervals are signaled and error messages are displayed in plain text messages.

“No matter where you are in the world, Pulse lets you stay on top of production by giving you accurate up to date information direct to your PC, tablet or smartphone. We’ve taken a lot of time to get the system to perform exactly as customers want; so that this robust platform will generate massive cost and time savings for equipment owners and operators alike.”

---Powerscreen Product Line Director, Sean Loughran.

Simple three step access


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Full access to machine data

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