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Genuine Powerscreen OEM Parts

Why buy original OEM parts from Powerscreen?

Only Powerscreen supplies a complete range of genuine crushing and screening parts for use in our equipment. When you order a genuine OEM part directly from Powerscreen, you’re ordering a factory-guaranteed part designed for your exact machine model. Powerscreen’s original OEM parts are competitively priced, top quality, and made for the precise function of improving and sustaining your machine’s performance. Authentic parts ensure that installations fit into your system and are done according to standard procedures. Go with Powerscreen’s proven OEM parts and get the absolute most out of your investment.

Access to genuine Powerscreen parts has never been easier, with each of the dealers in the Global Dealer Network holding a wide range of parts specifically tailored to local requirements. Any part not immediately available can be ordered by your local dealer from our Parts Centers in Ireland, India, and the United States.



Only Powerscreen wear parts are created specifically for Powerscreen machines based upon many years of application knowledge and experience.


Slight variations in wear part designs may result in drastic changes to the shape and quality of product. Our parts are designed for exacting performance. 


Only our approved Powerscreen dealers have the full technical experience and standard procedures for advice on application suitability.


All original Powerscreen wear parts are subject to continuous development and extensive field-testing to ensure proven reliability.


All original Powerscreen wear parts undergo continuous market comparisons to ensure they are the most cost-effective, quality wear parts available.


Any deviation from authentic Powerscreen wear part designs can result in serious damage to the machine. Avoid the risk of illegitimate third-party parts.



Powerscreenr researches the latest developments in crushing and screening technology to ensure that our wear parts remain at the leading edge.


Only the use of Powerscreen wear parts ensures full warranty coverage. Powerscreen stands by our parts with world-class support from our distributors.

Heavy Duty Wear Parts

We have developed new heavy duty fixed jaw plates and cone liners to improve wear life. They are created specifically for Powerscreen machines based upon many years of application knowledge and experience. Field testing has seen an increase in heavy duty liner wear life of more than 30 percent compared to the equivalent standard Powerscreen liner. Take advantage of our featured wear part packages to increase your machine uptime, reduce the number of changes required, and improve your overall efficiency.


Heavy Duty Jaw Plates


Heavy Duty Cone Liners


Hydraulic Filter Kits