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Powerscreen Hybrid

Alternative energy options for crushing, screening, and conveying equipment


We care about the environment and the future of our planet. That is why we continually invest in developing new energy solutions to give customers the best power option choices for their operations.

The Powerscreen® Hybrid range has been designed to give customers alternative energy options to operate their range of crushing, screening, and conveying equipment. Our Hybrid Machine range has been dramatically enhanced to include more fully electric crushers and screens as well as models powered by innovative combinations of diesel and electricity.

These options let you choose which fuel to use depending upon cost, location, and availability. Hybrid machines will be of special interest if you operate in an area where electricity is more cost effective than diesel fuel, where diesel engine noise is unwanted, or on sites where electricity is the preferred energy source.

Powerscreen Hybrid Features


Diesel Hydraulic

Use diesel when operating in an area where it is more cost effective or electricity isn’t available.


Dual Power

Run as a standard diesel or connect to an external electricity supply once the machine has been set-up.


Wheeled Electric

These wheeled models use onboard electric motors to power the hydraulic drives.


Transport Engine

Powered by an electric drive with a small onboard diesel engine for tracking or transport.


Full Electric

Machines can connect to mains or a genset for full electrically powered operation.

Benefits of Powerscreen Hybrid Technology


Reduced Operating Costs

The ability to use electricity means reduced fuel consumption and operating costs.


Application Variety

Suitable in any quarry, mining, sand-pit, coal, washing and aggregate processing application without compromising performance.


Energy Source Switching

Dual Power models allow you to operate your machine on diesel fuel or an external electricity source.


Increased Uptime

Depending on set-up, machine uptime can be increased due to reduced refuelling and engine servicing


Fully Environmentally Friendly

Ideal for areas where environmental, legislative and/or noise constraints are present.



Powerscreen Hybrid crushers and screens offer customers a choice of power supply depending on access to diesel and electricity.

When to use a Hybrid Machine?

  • Diesel engine noise is not preferred or allowed
  • Where only electricity is permitted (example: underground)
  • Complete crushing spreads are run using a stationary genset
  • Where environmental, legislative, and or noise constraints are present
  • Where electricity is freely available, generated on site, or cheaper than diesel
  • In any application where Powerscreen® mobile crushers and screens are in operation