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Titan 600

Scalping Screen

The Titan 600 is a versatile 2 deck screen. Compact in nature, it boasts the ability to screen up to 280tph (308 US tph) depending on application. 

The Titan 600 can be rapidly switched between 2 and 3 way split giving it the flexibility to cater for a number of different screening applications.


Additional Specifications 

 Weight - 26,455lbs (Imperial) | 12,000kgs (Metrics)

 Screen - 8'2" x 3'10" (Imperial) | 2.49m x 1.17m (Metrics)

Specification Value
Output Potential 280tph (308 US tph) / 280tph (308 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 7'5" Length: 36' Height: 8'4" / Width: 2.25m Length: 10.98m Height: 2.55m
Working Dimensions Width: 34'2" Length: 34'7" Height: 10'11" / Width: 10.42m Length: 10.55m Height: 3.33m


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