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Powerscreen CT140R Conveyor

The TCS 36-140 Radial Telescopic Conveyor offers our customers a material handling solution for the quarrying, mining, terminal ports, and rail transportation industries. The flexibility and efficiency of this conveyor means it can be used in many applications for long and short term with strong resale value. Fully assembled, the unit is a towable road transport product and can also be broken down and packed into three 40ft shipping containers for effective global transportation.

Specification Value
Output Potential 400tph (441 US tph) / 400tph (441 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 11"4" Length: 89' 5" Height: 14' 2" / Width: 3.46m Length: 27.26m Height: 4.33m
Belt Width 36" (Inner and outer conveyors) / 9m (Inner and outer conveyors)
Conveyor Length 139' 3" / 42.45m
Max Discharge Height 47' 2" / 14.4m
  • 600 tph
  • Road towable
  • Telescopic mobile link conveyor
  • Packs into three 40ft shipping containers
  • Ship loading directly into vessels
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of material transfer
  • Increased production capacities to existing applications
  • Eliminates the high cost of wheel loader usage
  • Safer environment with less dust and carbon emissions
  • Reduced operator costs
  • Reduced energy consumption


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