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Application Summary

At this site in Duleek, a Powerscreen 1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen crushed blasted hard Limestone (Abrasive) and a Powerscreen Chieftain 2100X screened the product. The engineer on site was full of praise for the Powerscreen 1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen, stating that it was a perfect machine for them in this application and one of the best cones he had worked with. He made it clear that the 1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen was out-producing the 1000 Maxtrak in a similar application by 60-70tph.


Jaw > 1150 Maxtrak > Chieftain 2100X (This machine trail was working for 10 hours every day).

Machine Setup/Layout

Jaw Crusher setup to produce 5 1/2 inch (140mm)
1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen

24mm woven mesh (producing 30-40 tonnes per hour)
Set at 28mm CSS
Running at 1650rpm
773 hours total on this machine
Medium Coarse Short Throw
Producing 195 tonnes per hour
70% engine load
100% of products passing 35mm
Fuel Consumption: 55 Litres/hour

Chieftain 2100X

Top Deck: 26mm
Middle Deck: 14mm
Bottom Deck: 6mm
Producing 4 stockpiles:

26-35mm product (approx 40 tonnes per hour)
14-26mm product
10-14mm product
5-10mm product (approx 50 tonnes per hour)

Maxtrak and Chieftain setup

Powerscreen machines crushing and screening hard limestone

Hard limestone feed material

Hard limestone feed material for Maxtrak and Chieftain

-24mm product

Hard limestone 26-35mm product

14-26mm product

14mm to 26mm crushed and screened hard limestone

0-5mm product

Chieftain screened 0-5mm hard limestone

26-35mm product

Hard limestone 24mm end product

5-14mm product

5mm to 14mm Chieftain Screened hard limestone