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Application Summary

The quarry in which the 1150 Maxtrak was demonstrated was a “Greywacke” rock type quarry. A number of different demonstrations were carried out in this quarry for the customer over a couple of days. The following report details the setup and performance of a Powerscreen 1150 Maxtrak for each application. At this site in Scotland, a Powerscreen 1150 Maxtrak crushed ‘Greywacke’ rock. This demonstration shows the variety of setup options available on a Powerscreen 1150 Maxtrak. Reports from engineers and the dealer for this customer state they were impressed with this plant and overall it was well received.


1150 Maxtrak

Demo 1

In the first demo the 1150 Maxtrak initially ran without using the available pre-screen. The customer classified the feed material as a “mixed feed” (crusher run with chips mixed through for re-crushing)

Set at 26-27mm CSS
Running at 1700rpm
Producing 260 tonnes per hour
The crushed material was fed into two Powerscreen Chieftain 1400’s to create the sized product. The customer was most interested in the shape and tonnage of the 10mm product. They took a sample of this for analysis but were impressed with the quality of this product.

Demo 2

The aim of the second part of the demo was to feed the 1150 Maxtrak with some larger feed material. The plant was fed first with a 4 inch clean stone followed by an 8 inch – 10 inch clean stone of a slabby shape.

4 inch stone:

Set at 22mm CSS
Running at 1700rpm
Producing 200 tonnes per hour
8 inch – 10 inch stone:

Set at 20-22mm CSS
Running at 1625rpm
Producing 165 tonnes per hour
The customer and engineers were impressed with the ability of the 1150 Maxtrak to crush the larger 8 inch – 10 inch feed material. The lower engine speed of 1625rpm worked best for crushing due to the larger material.

Demo 3

The third setup saw the 1150 Maxtrak ran with a pre-screen. The feed material was again the “mixed feed” (crusher run with chips mixed through for re-crushing).

Set at 22-23mm CSS
Runnng at 1700rpm
Producing 280 tonnes per hour with 40 tonnes per hour being screened by the pre-screen
The crushed material was again fed into two Chieftain 1400’s where the 10mm product was the main focus.

Demo 4

The 1150 Maxtrak was then fed by the quarries own 1300 Maxtrak cone. The pre-screen was kept running for this part of the demo. The 1300 Maxtrak was shovel fed with an 8 inch down crusher run material.
1300 Maxtrak Setup:

Set at 45mm CSS
1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen Setup:

Set at 25mm CSS
Running at 1700rpm
Producing 300 tonnes per hour
The 1300 Maxtrak was able to choke feed the 1150 Maxtrak with no issues.

Demo 5

The 1300 Maxtrak was then taken out and the 1150 Maxtrak (without the pre-screen) was then fed the 8 inch crusher run directly from the jaw crusher.

1150 Maxtrak Setup:

Set at 35-44 CSS
Running at 1550rpm
Producing 220 tonnes per hour
The lower running speed of 1550rpm again helped the crushing of the feed from the jaw.  This setup worked well and was left to run for a day and a half with no issues.

Maxtrak 1150 Cone Crusher and 1150 Pre-Screen processing greywacke