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Warrior 1800 Screening Sand and Gravel

Application Summary

At this site in the Netherlands, a Powerscreen Warrior 1800 screened sand and gravel material, which was fed by a wheel loader with a 4500 litre bucket.


Warrior 1800

Top Deck: 35mm square woven mesh
Bottom Deck: Speed harp 8mm
Sand and Gravel Screen Production
154 tonnes: 0-8mm

100 tons: 8-35mm

Oversized approx: 2 tonnes

Screening approx 256 tonnes per hour. (When a wheel loader is loading and removing 8-35mm)

Screening approx 330 tonnes per hour. (When an excavator is loading and a wheel loader is removing 8-35mm)

Warrior 1800 screening sand and gravel
Warrior screening sand and gravel

Feed material

Sand and gravel feed material

Mid-sized material

Mid-sized product from Warrior screen

Over-sized material

Oversized material from Warrior 1800 screen

Fine-sized material

Fine sized screened sand from Warrior 1800