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Ex Hospitality & Aerospace Workers in New Roles

Terex has successfully trained and hired jobseekers from various disciplines—including an ex bartender and aerospace apprentice through its accredited training programmes.

Connor Lilley, a former bartender who was recently hired through Terex Dungannon's Welding Academy explains, “After COVID-19 decimated the hospitality industry and I lost my job, I realised the fickleness of the industry and decided to pursue a trade. I was surprised to see Terex offering a paid training course in which I could get my foot in the door of the industry straight away. I found the training very informative and hands-on; each day was a chance to improve. The fact that I had never even seen a welding torch, let alone held one before I started the Welding Academy and now I am building large machines, running multi-pass welds and coordinating with a team to meet deadlines is a testament to the training that was offered.

Bronagh McAteer, HR Director at Terex Dungannon explains, “The programme gives jobseekers an opportunity to become skilled in welding while helping us address the ongoing shortage of skilled welders, build a pipeline of skills within our company and improve our ability to meet demand. The blend of academic learning with our partners at South West College, and paid work experience at Terex, together with a job opportunity at the end is an attractive route for jobseekers. Academy participants receive a fully blended practical training package and upon successful completion of the programme, will achieve an NVQ Level 1 Award in MIG Welding and a permanent position with Terex.”

Continuing, Connor says, “Terex has proven to be a fantastic company to work for and as long as there is progression to be had I will always strive to make it. I intend to get my full welding qualifications over the next year and move on from there—possibly in the future take advantage of the multinational aspect of Terex as I would love to travel. I would just like to sincerely thank all the people at Terex who gave me a chance to get into the trade—not many companies would take the chance on hiring an out-of-work bartender to make half a million-pound equipment.

Adam Russell is another team member striving for success at Terex, having moved to the company after being made redundant in the aerospace industry, “I was undergoing my apprenticeship into my fourth year at the time, so it was crucial for me to get another job that would accommodate my training and knowledge of the engineering industry and enable me to finish my apprenticeship. Terex was the perfect opportunity. My training programme gave me the opportunity to spend time in many different departments, to see what I felt was best for me and what areas I excelled at the most. I am currently in the Power Builds, working on the assembly of tanks and getting them ready to be fitted onto the machines.

I feel very welcomed and supported by my colleagues at Terex, they are always willing to help and push me to always do better. I hope to complete my Level 3 Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship this year, following which I plan to complete a Higher Level Apprenticeship with Terex, which will enable me to go down many different career paths with the company.”

If you know anyone who would be interested in career programmes at Terex, they can register their interest at: terex.com/production