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Warrior 2400 Screen case study

Customer Details / Location

Kumtor Operating Company, Kyrgyz Republic

Dealer Name

GMK Korund

Description of Materials      

  • Type of Material: Diorite
  • Split of Fines / Mid-sized / Oversized – 15% / 20% / 65%

Original Problem

Pre-screening coarse material in heavy operating conditions. i.e.  

  • High altitude 4000m – 4600m above level sea
  • Very low temperatures in winter period, as low as -40̊C / -40̊F

Solution and machines specification

Powerscreen® Warrior 2400 with Dual Power system and Arctic Fox winter kit

Screen media:

  • Top deck 30mm mesh Heavy Duty Woven
  • Bottom deck 15mm also Heavy Duty Woven

Description of process

Maximum feed size: -600mm

Feed capacity:  600tph

End product: Fines / Mid-sized / Oversized – 0-15mm / 15-30mm / +30mm

End products

0-15mm is being used for the road within the quarry

15-30mm is being used for backing of space after explosion in the quarry

The +30mm oversize is feeding material for fixed crusher/screening plant

Arctic Fox

In 2011 Powerscreen partnered with Arctic Fox to provide cold weather kits for machines due to work in especially cold environments.

The add-on kits are provided for two temperature levels. The first kit includes an engine pre-heater for machine operation at temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F). The second enables operations at -40°C (-40°F) and has the engine pre-heater in addition to a kit for engine and hydraulic oils.

Several Powerscreen machines have been equipped with the cold weather kit to date, with more scheduled in the coming months. The existing machines are working in Mongolia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan in desert-like conditions where temperatures have reached -40°C (-40°F).