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Warrior 1400X at Sutton Services

Sutton Services is a family run business with more than 20 years of industry experience specialising in demolition, site clearance, plant hire, recycling and steel fabrication. They recently bought and installed their first Warrior 1400X in their UK site.

The machine is processing Arising’s C&D waste from a recycling site in Ipswich, UK. New features on the Warrior 1400X have already lead to an increase in productivity and improved fuel efficiency for Sutton. Glenn Sutton, Director, said, “We feel this machine is now away ahead of anything else on the market. With the new screen media set up, we have definitely seen a 25-30% reduction in the need for crushing, this drives down our operational costs while increasing our production ability. Compared to the previous machine we were operating, we have seen a 10% reduction in set up and take down time. There is also noise reduction making this a suitable machine to use in the middle of a city.”

“We have recorded  a vast improvement in the middle grade quality, they can send the mid-grade product straight to stockpile as these are correctly sized,  the media now ensures that the fines are not piggy backing on paving slabs or kerbing.” Other improved features of the Warrior 1400X include:

– Feeder tray – leads to minimal spillage around the machine so the excavator driver can now keep loading without the need for stopping and clearing.

– Collection raise feature – Provides easier access to the diesel tank compared to the standard Warrior 1400 and generally makes the machine more maintenance friendly around the core area of the machine.

– Stockpile heights – Increases the stockpiling capacity on the fines and mid-size conveyors by nearly 50% with the new chassis riser.

– New jack-up screen system – Allows the site engineer to get access to the media and change it in half the time it would have taken on the Warrior 1400.

The Warrior 1400X has been designed with economy in mind, with reduced engine running speed and enhanced hydraulics, the 1400X offers a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15% in comparison to its predecessor. This can translate into a substantial financial saving for customers over the lifetime of the machine.

The Warrior 1400X can be fitted with either a Tier 3 / Stage 3A Caterpillar C4.4 ATAAC – 4 cylinder diesel engine developing 90kW (120hp) at 1800 rpm, or a Tier 4i /  Stage 3B Caterpillar C4.4 – 4 cylinder diesel engine developing 82kW (110hp) at 1800 rpm.