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Launch of X400S Pre-screen

The pre-screen removes a large percentage of the fines within the feed material before it enters the jaw chamber, resulting in increased output from the machine. The pre-screen works effectively in applications where the feed material is dirty. The aggressive nature of the pre-screen means that the dirty material can be screened out before entering the crushing chamber. The end result is a cleaner crushed product.

In order to facilitate improved pre-screened material flow, the discharge opening from the under chute has been increased from 200mm (8”) to 320mm (12 ¾”), allowing faster movement of pre-screened material to bypass the crushing chamber. To aid the removal of the pre-screened material, the stockpile capacity of new X400S Pre-Screen side conveyor is 41m3  (53.63 yd3.)

Other benefits of the X400S Pre-Screen model are quick set-up time,  optional improved hopper capacity and a more efficient transfer of screened material to the improved design side conveyor. When compared with the standard non-Pre-Screen X400S, the side conveyor has increased in width from 600mm (24”) to 650mm (26”) and an improved discharge height of 2.8m (9’ 2”) creating increased tonnage transfer and stockpile capacity.

The XA400S Pre-Screen (with hydraulic adjust) was working at Hillhead in June 2012 and the XR400S Pre-Screen (with hydraulic release) will be on display at the Bauma exhibition in Germany in April 2013.