Linking Policy

Outbound Links
Powerscreen provide links from their website to third party websites for your convenience. Powerscreen has no control over, and is not responsible for, the content, accuracy, rights to intellectual property, products, services, timeliness, quality or completeness of information at such other sites. When you select a link to an outside site, you are leaving the Powerscreen Site and are subject to the privacy, copyright and security policies of that other site.
Reciprocal Links
Powerscreen does not provide reciprocal links. Creation of a link to your site by Powerscreen does not obligate you to create a return link. If you wish to create a link to the Powerscreen, you may do so in adherence with the requirements provided in the Inbound Links section of this Linking Policy.
Inbound Links
Powerscreen encourages and welcomes links from other sites, provided that you adhere to the following requirements:
• You observe all copyright and other applicable laws and comply with the Powerscreen Copyright notice.
• You may not use any Powerscreen trademark or logo without the prior consent of Powerscreen.
• Links must use plain text or the Powerscreen logo. Please contact the Powerscreen Marketing Department to obtain this logo.
• You do not frame, replicate or mirror the Powerscreen Site or otherwise present the content as your own.
• You do not misrepresent your relationship with Powerscreen or any products and services Powerscreen provides.
• You do not provide misleading or false information about Powerscreen, its Site, services, or products.
• You do not link to graphics, tables or documents within the Powerscreen Site, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on the Powerscreen web servers.

It is not necessary to obtain prior permission to link to the Powerscreen Site. However, if you wish to link to the Powerscreen, you should provide written notice to the Powerscreen Marketing Department of your intention, as this will allow Powerscreen to notify you of upcoming changes to site content and structure so that your links do not become invalid.