Cone Crushers 1150 Maxtrak Pre-screen

1150 Maxtrak Pre-screen

The Powerscreen® 1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen is a high performance, medium sized track mobile rock crusher with an independent pre-screening system. At the heart of the Maxtrak is the Automax® cone crusher with hydraulic setting, tramp release & unblocking system. Its unique crushing action provides excellent capacity, high reduction & good product cubicity for the production of high quality aggregate & sub-base materials. The added pre-screen option allows a sized product or dirt to be removed from the feed prior to entering the cone, thus maximising output capacity and quality. The 1150 Maxtrak Pre-Screen features a patent pending hydraulic folding system which allows for rapid conversion between pre-screen and direct feed configurations providing unrivalled versatility. A level probe over the feed ring regulates the feed belt to ensure the cone chamber is choke fed, essential for maximum reduction, manganese life & optimal product shape.

  • Output potential up to 330tph (364 US tph)
  • Renowned Automax® crusher technology
  • Accepts clean all in feed
  • Excellent product shape
  • High reduction ratio
  • Cone feed box level control to maintain choke feeding
  • Hydraulic crusher setting
  • Cone overload protection
  • Heavy duty chassis and track frame
  • Metal detector
  • Dust suppression system
  • Direct drive – Increased fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs
  • Patent pending hydraulic folding system provides rapid conversion between pre-screen and direct feed configurations
  • Fitted with Powerscreen Pulse Telematics system
  • Concaves: extra coarse, medium coarse, fine
  • Short throw eccentric
  • Camera over crusher
  • Feed hopper extension plates
  • Product conveyor dust covers
  • Product conveyor stockpile sensor
  • Product conveyor belt weigher
  • Cold climate oils
  • Hot climate oils
  • Hot climate coolers
  • Urea re-fuelling pump
  • Diesel re-fuelling
  • Hydraulic water pump
  • Radio remote control
  • Lighting mast
  • Control panel positive air pressurization
1150 Maxtrak
Weight (Est) 51,020kg (112,479lbs)
Transport Width 3m (9'10")
Transport Length 17.7m (58'1")
Transport Height 3.8m (12'6")
Working Width 6.45m (21'2")
Working Length 19.10m (62'8")
Working Height 5.6m (18'4")

* All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.
** Powerscreen reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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1000 Maxtrak

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1150 Maxtrak

1150 Maxtrak

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