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Powertrak 750

Scalping Screen


The multi-purpose Powertrak 750 has been introduced to the scalping screen product portfolio. Robustly constructed, it is geared towards heavy duty scalping in applications such as blasted rock, overburden and Construction and Demolition. The lively screening action also delivers high performance in fine screening applications with materials such as crusher run and topsoil. The Powertrak 750 features a vibrating grid feed-in width of 4.4m (14′ 6″), meaning the machine can easily be fed with an excavator, loading shovel or grab. This coupled with its compact, sleek design and ease of movement makes the Powertrak the ultimate choice for contractors, quarry operators and recycling customers.

Specification Value
Output Potential 600tph (660 US tph) / 600tph (660 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 9' 3" Length: 30'11" Height: 10' 6" / Width: 2.82m Length: 9.44m Height: 3.2m
Working Dimensions Width: 8'10" Length: 34'10" Height: 13'5" / Width: 2.7m Length: 10.6m Height: 4.1m
Weight 41,890lbs / 19,000kg
  • Output potential up to 600tph (660 US tph) (Depending on application & media fitted)
  • Quick set-up times
  • Compact size allows easy transportation
  • Maximum mobility with heavy diuty, low ground pressure crawler tracks
  • High performance hydraulic system - cast iron pumps & motors complete with hydraulic cooler
  • Efficient design with low fuel consumption
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance
  • Class-leading stockpiling capacity
  • Easy to access power unit canopy
  • Radio remote control
  • Vibrating grid aperture 100mm (4")


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