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UK Prime Minister chooses Powerscreen

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, recently chose a Powerscreen jaw crusher for a backdrop as he announced that he was bringing forward £5bn of capital investment projects and a renewed focus on the construction industry. The announcement was made during a visit to a Dunton Environmental work site in early July.

The spending includes £1.5bn for hospital maintenance, £100m for a series of road projects, more than £200m for maintenance to courts and prisons, and £1bn for the first 50 projects of a 10-year school rebuilding programme.

Boris Johnson and colleagues spent the day around Dudley in the Midlands visiting a local college and understanding more about the importance of crushing and screening in an earthworks or remediation environment.

He vowed that Britain would “build our way back to health. To that end we will build build build. Build back better, build back greener, build back faster and to do that at the pace that this moment requires.”