Louisville Retail Financing Promotion:  Listed below are the proposed retail financing terms for all equipment distributed through Louisville 2014 or newer.

Promotional Rates for Canada: 

Option # 1  Loan with Straight Loan Amortization


Term: Rate: Payment Factors: Payments
24-months 0% .04167 In Advance
36-months 2.50% .02880 In Advance
48-months 3.25% .02218 In Advance
60-months 3.75% .01825 In Advance


Option # 2  Loan with 3-Seasonal Annual Skip Payments


Term: Rate: Payment Factors: Payments
24-months with 18-payments 0% .05556 In Advance
36-months with 27-payments 2.75% .03858 In Advance
48-months with 36-payments 3.50% .02976 In Advance
60-months with 45-payments 3.90% .02446 In Advance



* Please note:  If an unforeseen situation occurs that impacts the financial markets that creates volatility, Terex Financial Services may be required to increase the rates during the promotional period.


Program Term:  All complete financial packages must be submitted into Terex Financial Services by September 30, 2019 in order to qualify for the promotion.


Program Summary:

1) All 2014 or newer equipment acquired through Louisville is eligible.

2) The customer must be credit qualified through TFS.

3) Program offered exclusively through TFS.

4) Down payment varies according to creditworthiness.

5) In order to have a unit qualify for the program, the customer must submit an application and all necessary financial information by September 30, 2019.

6) Louisville has the right to cancel the promotion at any time.